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Of A Time | David W. H. Matheson
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Author, Musician and more...

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, David W. H. Matheson grew up on an 80-acre farm, five hours north of Toronto.
An avid reader as a young boy, his author of choice was always Louis L’Amour. As he grew older, he gravitated toward Leacock and Irving. He currently resides in Toronto where he writes books and songs and is the main writer for children’s book publisher MFP (Magical Forest Press) writing junior novels and storybooks under the pseudonym, Theodore Beres.


Classic Canadian Humour

‘Of a Time’ is classic Canadian humour laced with social injustice, tempered with benevolence, and immersed in indigenous racial divide, as a whole town struggles to come to terms with the enigma that is one, Murdock Roam Mackenzie. A ‘whale’ of a good time.

Author David W. H. Matheson

“We get to a point where we finally get our feet settled and our wisdom levelled, and then there isn’t enough time to make a difference, to really help the world.”

- Excerpt from "Of A Time"

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'Of A Time' will be displayed at the 2022 LA Times Festival of Books

April 23-24, 2022 at the USC Campus

Of A Time has been submitted in the Stephen Leacock award contest

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