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Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, his Mother, Isabel Rose Matheson, from Gravesend, England (resting place of Pocahontas), his Father, Ronald Ross Matheson, from the highlands of Nairn, Scotland, Matheson grew up on an 80-acre farm, 5 hours north of Toronto.

His fondest memories invariably revolve around nature. The peaceful serenade of frogs, their orchestral croaking in the late evening, heard through an open bedroom window as he drifted off to sleep. Or the haunting call of Gray wolves at dusk. Their howling in answer to the lonesome whistle of a freight train as it approached a highway intersection in the near distance.

Tracking a moose or hastily avoiding black bears while making acquaintance with all manner of wildlife from beavers to otters, and porcupines to raccoons. As a young boy he traversed the far reaches of the farm, exploring caves, carving slingshot handles, and making bows and arrows from young saplings.
An avid reader as a young boy, his author of choice was always Louis L’Amour.  As he grew older, he gravitated toward Leacock and Irving.

He currently resides in Toronto where he writes books and songs and is the main writer for children’s book publisher MFP (Magical Forest Press), writing junior novels and storybooks under the pseudonym, Theodore Beres. As an example of his song-writing, please note: "When Hope Comes True (The Ballad of Jaggy Finn)", for the junior novel, The Story Of Jaggy Finn - The Magic Awakens, released December, 2021.

Of A Time is now available at Chapters Indigo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online bookstores. Check it out here.

Author David W. H. Matheson
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Classic Canadian Humour

‘Of a Time’ is classic Canadian humour laced with social injustice, tempered with benevolence, and immersed in indigenous racial divide, as a whole town struggles to come to terms with the enigma that is one, Murdock Roam Mackenzie. A ‘whale’ of a good time.

Of A Time | David W. H. Matheson
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