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Of A Time

In a small seaside town on the East coast of Canada in the 19th century, the evolution of humanity takes a divine twist.

A gift to humanity or a ransom for the inhumane? It’s the secret of life, unlike any we’ve ever known.

Murdock Roam Mackenzie is a man of sentiment and divine origin, who is transformed when he discovers the gift of life itself. Then there’s Father Wilson, pandering to prophecy, speaking to God while arguing with the Devil, all in search of revelation.

When their lives intersect in a small seaside town in the late 19th century, the faint illusion of civility collapses.
Violence, selfishness and secrecy clash with compassion, empathy and progress, as an entire town seeks to unravel the hidden truth
behind ‘God’s Gift’.

Of A Time | David W. H. Matheson

“A priest, talking to God and arguing with the devil—an unlikely triumvirate, an unholy trinity.”

- Excerpt from "Of A Time"

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'Of A Time' will be displayed at the 2022 LA Times Festival of Books

April 23-24, 2022 at the USC Campus

Of A Time has been submitted in the Stephen Leacock award contest

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